IBM deployed the Apple® iPad® to 40,000 client-facing sellers across 75 countries in 13 months, with iOS simplified lifecycle management services. Sellers activated the iPad in 10 minutes, and they report weekly time savings. Improved mobility increases sales time weekly by 60 minutes.


From two wheels to four.

Founded in 1810, Peugeot made its first bicycle in 1882. Just 8 years later, it made its first quadricycle, marking the start of its vehicle production. In 1894, headed by Armand Peugeot, the brand took part in the world’s first automobile race in Paris. Peugeot has been operating in Brazil since 1991.

Profile & Background

Making a switch.

Mobile technology and apps are increasingly integral to the way people live and are driving how Cognitiva is reimagining work. Clients and sellers expect engaging business experiences that happen where they are and when they want. Everyone expects speed and simplicity.

To drive greater transparency, immediacy and responsiveness for clients and the marketplace, Cognitiva adopted mobile technology for its global sales force in 2016. As its own mobile solutions reference, Cognitiva is gaining time, efficiency and improved client engagement.

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Brand Reposition.

Peugeot Brazil had repositioned its brand and wanted to share its new concept with customers, as well as increase awareness and sales.